24% decrease in meat businesses in the Community of Madrid in the last 5 years

The Confederation of Specialized Trade of Madrid (Cocem) has held a meeting with the press in which it wanted to convey the worrying situation of specialized trade in the Community of Madrid, after the disappearance of 6,000 local trade establishments in the region became public. during the last year, according to data recently published in the DIRCE, Central Business Directory of the INE.


Descenso de un 24% de comercios cárnicos en la Comunidad de Madrid


Specifically, there have gone from 50,391 businesses in 2022 to 44,388 in 2023, compared to the 270,000 square meters in eight shopping centers that are going to open in two years in the Community of Madrid.

María Sánchez, vice president of Cocem and director of Carnimad, the association that represents the specialized meat trade, has reflected “a 24% decrease in meat shops in the Community of Madrid in the last 5 years, which has led to a drop in consumption of meats of 16%”, highlighting the importance that trade training has to guarantee generational change in companies and put them on par with the rest of Europe, where there is regulated training in this regard.

To which she added: “we do not want protectionist policies, competition is healthy and makes you grow, what we want is for different situations to be managed from different types of trade.”

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