Ainia creates a digital data library to increase food safety and fight fraud

Ainia developed the ‘Globalsafefood’ project to create a digital library of data to increase food safety and fight against fraud. It is a data lake capable of merging internal company information, such as laboratory analytics or process control sensors, with external information, such as alerts and food safety events.



How to take advantage of the “data pantries” of food companies to achieve greater food safety is the main objective of this project, which will allow companies to anticipate potential risks that may affect their products, helping them to monetize the data that until the moment they have been storing.

Currently, with the global trend towards digitization of processes, food companies have an increasing amount of data stored in their “pantry”, however, it is not always recovered to make it profitable. Food risk situations can be identified that started without being apparently very relevant, and that ended up affecting the supply chain.



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