Anafric participates in the 1st Forum of the Agri-Food Industry of Catalonia

The agri-food sector is the largest in the Catalan economy and one of the most dynamic export sectors. The volume and value of its exports grow year after year, generating a business volume of €43,088 million, a figure that is equivalent to 19% of Catalonia’s GDP and directly employs 177,031 workers. On November 28 and 29, Barcelona will host the first edition of the Agri-Food Industry Forum, an event that will discuss structuring of the sector, sustainability, digitalization and process improvement, financing, communication and new trends in the sector.

Anafric, through its president, José Friguls, will be present on November 29 at one of the debate tables that has generated the most expectations in recent years, communication in the sector.




The inauguration will be on November 28, led by Joan Gòdia, general director of Agrofood Companies, Quality and Gastronomy of the DACC (Department of Climate Action and Rural Agenda). During the two days, which will take place at the ONCE Auditorium in Barcelona, 7 thematic modules have been structured:

Día 28:


  • STRUCTURING OF THE SECTOR. Different associations and companies will present how the agri-food industry in Catalonia is organized. The module will be moderated by Joan Gòdia, general director of Agrofood Companies, Qualitat and Gastronomy of the DACC.
  • SUSTAINABILITY. Where topics will be discussed such as the challenges of the implementation of RD 1616/2022, water treatments and reuse in the agri-food industry, water management in the context of water emergency and renewable energies. The round table will be moderated by Francesc Ribera, from the Efficient Energy Cluster of Catalonia.
  • DIGITALIZATION AND PROCESS IMPROVEMENT. They will talk about cybersecurity in the agri-food sector, new technologies as a driver of sustainable growth and the digitalization of agri-food SMEs.
  • FINANCING. The leading role will be for PERTE agri-food and green and innovation financing.


Día 29:

  • COMMUNICATION. The importance of communication in the agri-food sector, where the experiences of various associations and companies with a transversal use of communication will be presented. In this module José Friguls will present the offside and inside experience of the association. The module will be moderated by Ruth Gumbau, journalist.
  • SDG. Joan Gòdia will present the SDG Guide.
  • FOOD AND AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRY OF THE FUTURE. We will talk about future trends, protein and the diet of the future.

The closing will be led by the Honorable Minister of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, David Mascort.





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