Anafric, present in the PROVACUNO solidarity action together with the Barcelona City Council

Barcelona and the beef sector join forces to distribute 1,500 meals to people in need with the participation of Michelin star chefs. This is a solidarity action in favor of the disadvantaged people of Barcelona.



Javier López, director of  PROVACUNO, for his part, highlighted the constant commitment of the beef sector to society and those in more precarious situations. “This sector has maintained a constant commitment to society and those most in need, in the same way that cows have to the planet by acting very actively in the prevention of forest fires,” he said during the solidarity delivery of Beef. .

The solidarity action had the support of Michelin star chefs Paolo Casagrande, Joel Castañé, Fran López, JuanLu Fernández, Artur Martínez and Takeshi Somekawa who created an exceptional menu of Christmas beef fricandó with wild mushrooms and aromatic herbs with meat beef to feed 1,500 people in need.

José Friguls, president of  Anafric, was present during the event in support of the sector.



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