Conference on the impact on the livestock sector and health of the “From Farm to Fork” Strategy

Plataforma Carne y Salud organized an online workshop to analyze the impact on the Spanish livestock sector and health of the ‘From Farm to Fork’ strategy recently presented by the European Commission.

“We need a common commitment to defend our products, our livestock production model and our Mediterranean diet, with a balanced consumption of all foods for health,” said MEP Clara Aguilera in her speech at the online conference organized by the Platform ” .

“Necesitamos una apuesta común para defender nuestros productos, nuestro modelo de producción ganadera y nuestra dieta mediterránea, con un consumo equilibrado de todos los alimentos para la salud”, manifestó la eurodiputada Clara Aguilera en su intervención en la jornada online organizada por la Plataforma”.

The EU’s Farm to Table strategy, various points to consider

The European Union is preparing a strategy to achieve a healthier and more sustainable diet. It is the so-called Farm to Fork Strategy, which will mark the evolution of environmental regulations or policies as important as the CAP. The Farm to Table strategy will seek to foster the circular economy, reducing the environmental impact of food production and lowering the percentages of food waste.

The Commission’s estimates affirm that each year more than 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted in the world, a third of world production. The Farm to Fork strategy may have consequences for the meat sector, due to the persecution of greenhouse gases and the elimination of aid and meat promotion campaigns. From Anafric, we try to answer the questions that arise regarding the strategy, through Carolina Cururella, one of the association’s technical professionals.