ICEX and Interporc promote one more year white layer pork in Japan

Through a sectoral plan co-financed between both entities, the aim is to increase the volume of Spanish pork that reaches Japanese households, and secondly, to spread knowledge among professionals and Japanese citizens. In 2019, Japan imported 137,000 t of pork from Spain for about 511 million euros, making it the second largest market outside the EU.

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Result of the technical day The sheep, goat and goat meats arrive in Japan

In 2019, 73 new agreements were reached for the Spanish meat industry, thanks to the opening of new markets. Among them, the one from Japan. On February 26, the Conference “Beef, Sheep and Goat Meat Arrives in Japan” was held, which was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAP), from the Ministry of Health, Consumer and Social Welfare (MSCBS), ICEX, IFEMA / Meat Attraction and had a Japanese protocol specialist.