Farmers in Castilla y León can now access all the information on their farm online

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development makes all the information related to their farms available to farmers and ranchers in Castilla y León. This consultation will be carried out through the Register of Agricultural Exploitations of Castilla y León (Reacyl). With this new computer tool, progress is made in one of the novelties of the new PAC 2023-2027, such as the digitization of the agricultural sector.





In the computer application of the Registry of farms, through the menu option ‘Consult my farm’, farmers and ranchers in Castilla y León will be able to find current information and information from past campaigns regarding their agricultural areas, livestock, machinery, facilities, aid received and procedures carried out. In addition, a new module is already being developed that will allow the exploitation data to be modified electronically.


Some questions:

What is Reacyl?

The Registry of agricultural holdings of Castilla y León is a single registry, established and managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, which integrates and groups the information related to each agricultural holding and its production units, it was created by Law 1/2014, of March 19, Agraria de Castilla y León and came into operation in 2015.


How to access?

The holders of exploitation or natural or legal persons that represent them (subjects of intermediation) can access the data of their exploitation through the following URL: if you access as owner of the exploitation. if you access as a representative of a third party.

Access to these applications is done with a digital certificate or electronic DNI.


Are all holdings required?

All those farms that carry out agricultural or livestock activities in Castilla y León are obliged to be registered in the Reacyl. Those cultivators of agricultural surfaces who do not market their agricultural production because they dedicate it to self-consumption, should not be registered in Reacyl.

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