How to know the food waste of a home or company in less than 1 minute?

Food Waste Estimator  is an online tool that allows you to estimate the food waste that a home or company can make. This resource, developed by Kerry Group, aims to help companies and consumers try to reduce food waste. With this tool (in English) you can quantify and know the financial and environmental impact of waste.





The calculations made by Food Waste Estimator are based on data such as the UNEP Report: Food Waste Index 2021, data provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, data provided by FAO on food loss and waste. food, etc.

The tool is very easy to use and provides information on the benefits that would be obtained if food waste were avoided, such as how much money we could save, how much the use of valuable resources could be reduced, such as water, the amount of carbon dioxide that could be stopped being emitted into the atmosphere…

We have used this tool:

For a European family of 3 people who wants to save 10% on food waste, this would mean:

  • €103 per year of savings
  • 25 kg of food saved per year
  • 14 people fed every day
  • 30714 mobile charges
  • It is the equivalent of 92856 minutes in the shower

You can download the test at this link.


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