Non-polluting cold solutions for the food industry. New proposals from INGAL

INGAL Engineering & Consulting, the first engineering specialized in the agri-food industry in our country since its foundation more than 50 years ago, is presented in this new edition of FoodTech as a recognized expert in the industry’s commitment to innovation to develop projects. next generation in food technology.


The firm develops turnkey projects, from design to execution and start-up, both in this country and in the rest of the world, in the agricultural and food sectors as well as logistics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and similar.

The INGAL team provides all its projects with the levers of competitiveness for making the best business decisions, with the requirements to ensure internationalization being one of the main pillars of the added value of this engineering firm, as well as the design and execution of innovative solutions for a clean and sustainable industrial model.

“It is important to include in the design of the projects good manufacturing practices that will be reflected in the execution of the work and that will serve to support the strategic vision of the company,” indicates Eduard Roca, CEO of INGAL Ingeniería.

The firm excels in the application of designs designed to turn GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or Good Manufacturing Practices (BFC), also known as Good Manufacturing Standards (NFC), into a competitive advantage, which have a decisive weight in the capacity for internationalization of agri-food production

“At INGAL we strive to provide the keys to access the US market and a large number of markets that are also governed by the demanding NFC regulations.”

“In addition, we are committed to the most innovative initiatives in the field of food technology, conceiving the project that allows us to manage the production processes, ensuring food safety and the sustainability of the model.”

Precisely, for Eduard Roca, “the sustainability vector” is currently the most relevant challenge for the agri-food industry of our country, which currently represents one of the main leaders in the euro zone.

In this sense, at INGAL Ingeniería innovative solutions are being presented to equip warehouses with efficient and non-polluting cooling systems that are also safe, economical and offer great performance, even requiring the installation of a smaller tube structure. .

“Ensuring the maintenance of production in efficient cold chambers without generating harmful emissions for the ozone layer is one of the challenges that we have well defined in the design of the projects we offer for the food industry.”

BIM technology to visualize engineering projects

Advice on issues of environmental protection or food safety, the applicability of circularity models and energy use are at the forefront of the challenges of industry 4.0, increasingly competitive and efficient.

INGAL Engineering accompanies the client in the management of energy resources, the sustainability of their activity, waste management and circularity and environmental impact in general.

At INGAL Engineering, projects are adapted to all these new realities, integrating BIM technology and visual projections into their implementation until their materialization and “handover of the keys” as part of a wide range of services that allow each project to be studied, developed and managed. to give you a personalized solution.

“What we seek for our clients in their projects is to align efficiency, sustainability and, above all, future projection,” says Eduard Roca, CEO of Ingal Ingeniería. “INGAL’s strength has been reflected over the years in numerous emblematic engineering projects.”

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