Ranchers ask to transfer to the consumer the social and economic benefits of extensive livestock

The third edition of the Hispanic-Portuguese Congress of Extensive Livestock, held in Cáceres under the slogan ‘Guaranteed Sustainability’ on December 1 and 2, has had the participation of 500 congressmen from various countries, and has received the request of the sector of transfer to the consumer the environmental, social and economic benefits of extensive livestock.


The III Hispano-Portuguese Congress on Extensive Livestock, the call for the congress, has carried out an x-ray of the sector from all its aspects and from a cross-border perspective, addressing aspects such as future strategies, animal production, animal and plant health, the heritage represented by the Spanish pasture and the Portuguese montado, promotion, marketing and the future PAC.

Industry experts

The III Hispanic-Portuguese Congress of Extensive Livestock has been the meeting point for, over two days, exchanging experiences, in order to improve the knowledge of both producers and technicians to optimize resources in production and sanitation.

The marketing of products, the market situation and consumer trends have been analysed. Health challenges, the integration of the production sector and the application of new technologies will be other issues that will be discussed.

This Congress has had the experience of experts from Spain and Portugal, both farmers, cooperatives and non-cooperative companies, researchers, representatives of the distribution and representatives of the European Union, the Spanish and Portuguese National Administration and the regional governments of the areas of influence.

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