Royal Decree 463/2020 guarantees the necessary measures for food supply “from the source to the point of sale”, including farms and slaughterhouses

Article 15 of Royal Decree 463/2020, which imposes the State of Alarm in Spain due to the Covid-19 crisis, states that the food supply is guaranteed, providing, for this, “all the necessary measures” that guarantee it. .

In this sense, the aforementioned article is clear in this regard, guaranteeing “the food supply in the places of consumption and the operation of the services of the production centers, allowing the distribution of food from the origin to the commercial establishments of sale to the consumer , including warehouses, logistics centers and destination markets.

In particular, when it is necessary for security reasons, the accompaniment of the vehicles that carry the mentioned goods may be agreed. ”

When necessary, according to article 15 of the decree, “sanitary corridors will be established to allow the entry and exit of people, raw materials and products made for or from establishments where food is produced, including farms, markets, feed factories for animal feed and slaughterhouses, therefore, referring to farms and slaughterhouses ”.

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