The collective restaurant warns of a 25% increase in its school menus

The proposal of the new draft law of the Royal Decree of Consumption for canteens (the interprofesionals will presented its aportations) will cause a 25% increase in the menus. This is what the Food Service España association has pointed out in its contributions to the Royal Decree. “Many of the requirements reflected, such as the 5% organic production quota or local products, do not have any nutritional impact, but they do have a strong economic impact”, says María López, spokesperson for Food Service España.

For Food Service España, “at a nutritional level, the proposal of the Ministerio de Consumo elevates to legal status the guidelines of AESAN in the matter of healthy and sustainable food, guidelines that the collective restaurant sector has been applying in recent years”.

With respect to proximity and sustainability, the association points out that “production is limited and insufficient for the needs demanded by the sector…A limited offer raises the price, therefore, the increase will have to be transferred to the budgets of the schools”.

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Cómo serán los menús escolares.

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