The first tanks of reclaimed water from the treatment plant arrive at the tanning industries of Igualada

Leather Cluster Barcelona has organized a visit to the pilot plant of the water regeneration station (ERA) installed in the treatment plant (IDR). This ambitious project for the construction of a Water Regenerative Station (ERA) consists of treating the effluents from the IDR treatment plant (the water that comes out of the plant, already purified), to obtain a flow of osmotized water (water practically pure) and another of salt water, both reusable for the tanning industry or for other uses.



At such critical moments in terms of the most valuable resource such as water, Leather Cluster Barcelona performs a cluster key and socially responsible action; regenerate and reuse water. A project that also contributes, among others, to chapter 6 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that refers to Sanitation and Clean Water.

The Catalan Water Agency (ACA) has been betting for years on the use of unconventional resources to increase the guarantee and availability of water. One of them is the reclaimed water that is obtained from the application of additional treatment to already treated water, through facilities called tertiary or Water Regenerative Stations (ERA).

The current pilot plant is the one that will make it possible to determine the design parameters for a future industrial membrane plant and, at the same time, with the water that is being produced, the first experimental productions are already being carried out in the factories.

Leather Cluster Barcelona is a competitive cooperation environment to promote transversal and transformative strategic projects with the aim of promoting the ecosystem of the Catalan leather sector. The cluster is an accredited entity within the Catalonia Clusters program and has the support of Acció.

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