The livestock-meat sector urges the CCAAs to value livestock and the role of meat in nutrition in the educational field

The Spanish livestock-meat sector, through its six Interprofessional Organizations (ASICI, AVIANZA, INTERCUN, INTEROVIC, INTERPORC AND PROVACUNO), has urged the institutional managers of the Autonomous Communities to promote information and knowledge about the importance of the rural world and the value that livestock plays in it, as well as the fundamental role that the nutrients of meat and other foods of animal origin play in the correct nutrition of the child and youth population, and their contribution adequate physical growth and cognitive and intellectual development.



According to the interprofessionals, in recent times some regulatory initiatives on nutrition in the school environment are appearing, restricting the intake of food of animal origin, as well as content in textbooks and other school materials that convey incorrect information to students about the production and consumption of food, “with the consequent danger both for food and for the training and knowledge of young Spaniards”.

The Autonomous Communities, as custodians of regulatory powers, “should take into account the importance and necessity of not reducing the consumption of meat in school canteens, given the scientific evidence already exposed that supports this affirmation”.

For the six interprofessionals: “The nutrition of our children and young people, due to the enormous importance that this represents, cannot be subject to a passing nutritional fad or specific political orientation.

At the same time, it is urged to promote knowledge in schools about the importance of rural world and the value that livestock plays in it, through campaigns of awareness that have the professionals of the sector through their associations most representative

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