The Pastoreo School of Aragon claims the realization of a National Network of Pastoral Schools

The Aragón Shepherding School has claimed the role of extensive livestock farming as a “progress tool and land management” in the ‘Shepherding Schools Day’. Building a sustainable livestock: the role of the Pastoral Schools’, which was held in Brieva de Cameros (La Rioja) on November 3 and 4.



Among the main conclusions, the School has put on the table the need to promote the primary sector, especially in the current circumstances, understanding livestock farming as a necessary activity, and not only from an environmental point of view. The presence of livestock favors:

The presence of cattle in the mountain terrain favors the pollination of plants and has effects on the aridity of the soil.
The presence of livestock is a way of “managing the territory.
The new generations have to be aware of the usefulness of the figure of the shepherd “because much of the knowledge and ability to contribute to saving the planet lies in his hands.

The Escuela de Pastoreo de Aragón has exhibited that one of the challenges is the creation of a National Network of Pastoral Schools, which allows them to work together and achieve greater coordination in the contents taught in each autonomous community.




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