Tribute to pork professionals on Interporc’s tenth anniversary

INTERPORC INTERPORC has paid tribute to all the people who, from their different positions, companies, associations or administrations have made possible the first decade of the interprofessional at the service of the Spanish white coat pork sector.


The president of INTERPORC, Manuel García, thanked “the support and effort of all those who have collaborated with Interprofesional since its creation”, in an emotional event that brought together professionals from the different links in the value chain of the pork sector.

García explained “we are building a strategic project that will contribute to improving the future of our sector and to face the challenges and challenges we face, that is our main objective as an Interprofessional”.

Efficiency, diversification and differentiation
Alberto Herranz, director of INTERPORC, spoke precisely of those challenges, who explained that as a sector “we have the obligation to consider our growth in efficiency, diversification and differentiation”.

Public opinion, he pointed out, is increasingly sensitive and demanding regarding the care of the environment and the protection of animals. That’s why “we must respond with transparency and be receptive and proactive with the changes it demands”.

In this sense, he expressed his desire “to do something different”, for what he considered necessary to realize “a call to action, in which everyone does something positive for the sector and contributes positively to its image”.

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