June 23 San Juan lamb: good, healthy and grilled

Buy it, cook it, taste it, enjoy it. Lamb and goat, apart from being a particularly sustainable meat, are healthy. And it can be cooked in different ways. It doesn’t have to be a special holiday to eat lamb. The day of the lamb is every day that we enjoy this meat. But taking advantage of the fact that we have been confined at home and that now we can go out, if we cannot taste this meat outside, we do it inside. In our living room, in our kitchen, on our terrace or on our balcony. Why not? There is always a time and place to enjoy lamb meat.

June 23, lamb day: Grazing, sustainability and lamb meat

There are different types or model of livestock, the most widely used model for raising sheep is extensive grazing. That is, one that has a close relationship with the extent of the land where it develops. Extensive grazing is necessary to carry out extensive grazing. This territorial base provides sustenance for the sheep, since it is there where the animals have to feed.

There is no other place to find optimal land for extensive grazing than in rural areas. We are talking about natural ecosystems, which although they have been modified by man, pastures, groves, crops, fallows, scrub areas, etc. They produce vegetables in a natural way whose only possible use is to feed the herds.

June 23 lamb day. Consume lamb meat: One flavor, many benefits

Consuming suckling lamb, lamb and goat meat is healthy, tasty and above all sustainable. This livestock sector is the one that best keeps the rural environment alive and active. Its sustainability is based on the environmental, social and economic benefits that this livestock and grazing have on territories and landscapes. The benefits also reach the consumer through its tasty, natural and sustainable meat. Lamb meat is worthy of being celebrated throughout the year for being respectful and beneficial meat for the environment and rural environment. Thanks to the fact that cattle continue to be grazed like hundreds of years ago, it helps to fix the population in rural settings.

June 23, lamb day. Ten tips for a perfect lamb barbecue and a few tricks

On June 23 the sector celebrates the day of the lamb. What traditionally was a day to gather and celebrate San Juan, today will again be a day of celebration and reunion in a country that, after three months of seclusion, needs to gather to celebrate. And nothing better than to do it around a barbecue with lamb meat at home with family and friends.