Second edition of the Provacuno course for professionals in the beef sector

The beef interprofessional, PROVACUNO, has launched the second free training course for professionals in the Beef sector on nutrition-health, sustainability, anti-livestock interests and future challenges. This course is one of the best tools to be able to defend the sector and its product with solid arguments.

Teaching team:

Dr. Antonio Escribano, Professor of Sports Nutrition.
José Manuel Alvarez, Specialized in corporate communication, reputation and crisis, consumer communication, nutrition and health, sustainability and ethics in the meat sector. Coordinator of the Meat and Health Platform, which brings together the six interprofessionals in the sector: Asici, Avianza, Intercun, Interovic, Interporc and Provacuno


Inicio del curso: 17 de octubre

Sesiones: 12 clases online

Horario clases: 19.30 a 20.45 horas

Programa curso: en archivo adjunto

Inscripciones (hasta 13 de octubre incluido):

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